The Egyptian cities of Hurghada and Cairo were proudly selected among the top 100 tourist destinations around the world by Euromonitor International, a leading provider of market research. Cairo ranked 45th globally and the fourth most visited city in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Hurghada ranked 82nd globally, with a growth rate of 41%.

The Ministry of Tourism has been carrying out several tourism and marketing campaigns lately, such as the People To People campaign, and it appears that these have finally paid off.

This is not the first time for Egypt to be recognised globally this year. Here are nine other times 2019 has been good to us.

#1 The British QS Universities Classification for 2020 proudly featured five of the finest Egyptian universities. The list includes the ranking of the top 1,000 universities in the world from about 30,000 universities and higher institutes in 238 countries. The American University in Cairo and Cairo University came in 395th and 521st, respectively. Meanwhile, Ain Shams, Alexandria, and Assiut universities ranked between 801-1000th.

#2 In 2019, Egypt’s ranking has improved, according to the World Business Bank’s report for the Electricity Access Index. Egypt climbed 19 places from the 96th globally to the 77th. This improvement is a result of several procedures that Egypt has taken to improve its ranking in the index of obtaining electricity. The energy file is one of the main pillars of future stability and development in Egypt.

#3 Earlier this year, Gallup Polls released its annual report for the world’s safest countries, based on a 100-point mark. The list included two Arab countries, where the United Arab Emirates ranked 3rd globally and the first Arab country. Meanwhile, Egypt ranked 8th globally and the second Arab country on the list. In its analysis, Gallup Polls relied on direct interviews with more than 152,000 citizens over the age of 15, in 142 countries around the world. The index ranks the countries with a score out of 100; the highest is the safest.

#4 A newly published study issued by the Routes Online Foundation, specialised in monitoring the aviation and navigation traffic, showed that Sharm El Sheikh Airport recorded the fastest growth rate in Africa for the year 2019. According to the Swiss Ecofin agency, reservations to and from Sharm El Sheikh Airport, the third busiest Egyptian airport, have increased from 1.16 million seats in 2018 to 1.49 million in 2019, with a growth rate of 28.9%.

#5 In August 2019, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism launched the People To People campaign, that features pictures of locals living their lives, in beautifully edited shots. A month later, the promotional video for the campaign won the Middle East’s Best Promotional Film award from the UN World Tourism Organisation.

#6 Lonely Planet, one of the biggest travel and tourism references around the world, announced a list of nominations for the top 10 cities to travel around the world for the year 2020, and Cairo ranked third on this list.

#7 Time magazine named the Red Sea Mountain Trail one of the greatest places to visit. This trail is inspired by the success of the Sinai Trail that was inaugurated in 2015.

#8 Egypt ranked second on a list of the best diving destinations in the world, according to the voting process conducted by the international diving magazine, DIVE, for 2019. The magazine is one of the most important international magazines in the field of diving. The vote for this competition was made by over 30,000 divers worldwide, lasted for a year. DIVE recommended Ras Mohammed, The Brothers, and St. John’s Reef as the hottest diving spots in the country.

#9 The British newspaper The Independent shared a list of the best places to visit in 2020, based on other international tourism sites’ recommendations and reviews. The list included 20 countries and cities, and Egypt was among them. The article also recommended visiting Sharm El Sheikh and the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is set to open in 2020.