Out of the world’s impeccable beauty, Egypt, in particular, has a lot of hidden gems to offer. In fact, the country rich in culture and heritage has lots of bucket list-worthy destinations. No, it’s not the Great Pyramids of Giza we’re talking about. Ever heard of The Red Sea Mountain Trail? Well, if you have, then the good news is that it’s been selected by Time, among 100 destinations that have been named as the world’s greatest places. On the other hand, in case you haven’t heard about the trail, then let us enlighten you.

For starters, the hiking trail is a community tourism project founded and overseen by an organisation that goes by the name ‘Red Sea Mountain Trail Association’ (RSMTA). This organisation is made up of the Kushmaan clan, a part of the Maaza Bedouin tribe, as well as Ben Hoffler, founder of award-winning sister trail, the Sinai Trail. It’s also worth mentioning that Egyptian summiteer and adventurer, Omar Samra, is one of the co-founders of the project.

Moving on, let’s get technical! The Red Sea Mountain Trail is Egypt’s first-ever long-distance hiking trail that takes 10 days to complete. The 170 km-long path is a combination of ancient routes that Bedouins used to take.

Located near Hurghada, the hike offers a main thru-hike trail, which is quite challenging, as well as an alternative, easier route. For the main route, hikers should expect to cover 15-20 km a day, accompanied by a lot of scrambling and steep sections. On the other hand, there’s an alternative path alongside the main one which hikers can switch to whenever difficulties arise. Either way, both routes put the Egyptian wilderness’s incomparable beauty on display.

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