Featured image via World Travel Guide

The world's favourite travel guide, Lonely Planet, dropped its anticipated "Best in Travel" list for 2020, and guess what? Cairo's on it, and it came in third!

"The Best in Travel" list focuses on destinations that are usually overlooked by travellers. It features 10 countries, 10 regions, 10 cities, and 10 best value destinations. Salzburg, Austria came in first, followed by Washington D.C, USA. 

After pointing at the successful globetrotting tour of Tutankhamun's treasures, Lonely Planet recommended Cairo's Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), that's set to open its doors in 2020. Not just that, but the travel guru also suggested the new Sphinx Airport for Red Sea and Luxor holidaymakers. The airport would make domestic travel easier for them so they would add the Pyramids and GEM to their itinerary. 

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