Featured image via Evening Standard

Four years after a safety ban was imposed by the UK government on flights to Sharm El Sheikh, British holidaymakers are expected to soon fly again to the Egyptian beach town. The ban came as a result of the 2015 Russian Metrojet airliner incident, where it was brought down soon after it took off from Sharm El Sheikh's airport.

The Egyptian airport's security procedures were doubted as the investigations believed a bomb was smuggled into the aircraft. According to BBC, Egyptian officials admitted that the airport fell behind, failing to meet international security standards. However, the Department for Transport said that security procedures have been improved ever since the incident. 

Tourism is one of Egypt's main sources of income and the ban has caused the country an estimated loss of two million British tourists. Even though some UK visitors opted for other Red Sea resorts, such as Hurghada, and others travelled to Sharm El Sheikh through Cairo, there were still far fewer flights to Egypt post the band.

"It has been damaging," Egyptian ambassador Tarek Adel told Independent. “I personally know of many businesses in Sharm El Sheikh that went out of business."

Sharm El Sheikh has always been a favourite destination for tourists, especially the Brits. Now that flights will be resumed, we hope we'd witness an increase in the number of visitors. Egypt surely has a lot to offer and it would be such a shame if holidaymakers would miss out.