The Ramadan season always comes with mindblowing new talents. Last week we talked about Nihal Nour, who you might know as Esseily’s Tararam, and now as Rinad from Al Nehaya, Youssef El Sherif’s hit sci-fi series. Today, we’d like to shed some light on another super talented actress from another hit series this Ramadan: Zeinab Ghareeb

Zeinab plays the role of Radwa, Sokar’s (Nelly Karim) friend and side-kick in her new comedy-drama, Be 100 Wesh. The annoyingly talkative fraudster portrayed by Zeinab definitely caught your attention if you’re following the series. She’s funny, natural, and looks like a promising actress, but who is Zeinab Ghareeb, and why have we not seen her before?

In fact, we have seen her before on TV, also starring with Nelly Karim, but six years ago. You might recognise the actress as Nagwa from Segn El Nessa, but we haven’t seen her since. You see, Ghareeb is actually a holder of a Bachelor in Egyptology, and right before she was about to pursue a career as a teaching assistant, she fell in love with acting, and she decided to study performing arts. She landed the role in the 2014 hit series at the beginning of her acting career; however, her hiatus came after her father’s refusal to continue acting. 

And here we are now, six years later, and Zeinab has landed another role that could be her big break. We really see her as an actress of great potential and a genuine talent, so let’s wish her all the best, and wait to see what she has in store for us.