Egypt is no stranger to epic parties in incredible locations. Recently, international DJs have been drawn to Egypt's vibrant scene. And let's be real; Egyptians will find any excuse to dance the night away, especially with their favourite international DJs. It's no wonder more and more international DJs are choosing Egypt as their stage. After all, Egyptians know how to have a great time.



For their debut in Egypt, the Berlin-based Keinemusik crew made waves at the Giza Pyramids, hosting one of the most anticipated parties of the season, which drew crowds from across the globe. It certainly lived up to the hype, featuring the first-ever drone show in Egypt! Social media platforms went into a frenzy after this unforgettable experience.



The Bosnian-German techno star Solomun recently rocked the decks in Gouna with an extended set. Known as the King of Techno, Solomun's performance was unforgettable, showcasing his incredible talent and energy. As his beats filled the night, Gouna experienced a music party like no other.



Italian music duo Mathame brought Sokhna, Egypt, its first-ever AV show, giving us everything we could ever want: awesome tunes and vibes with the AV that transported us to magical places.


Anticipated International DJs Performances in 2024:


Brazilian sensation Mochak is gearing up for his Egypt debut at the Saqqara Pyramid on May 30. With his viral success, Mochak brings his electrifying presence and stellar mixing skills to Egypt for the first time. Renowned for his thrilling performances and impeccable deck mastery, anticipation for his show at the Saqqara Pyramid is reaching a fever pitch.



Turkish DJ Carlita, a powerhouse in the electronic music scene, is renowned for her energetic mixes and captivating stage charisma. With her signature blend of house, techno, and deep grooves, she's set to grace the stage at Rokn Palace, Egypt, in June.



Greek DJ Argy is gearing up to hit Egypt on May 30 for his "New World" album tour. With beats that ignite the dance floor, experiencing an Argy set firsthand is a must to truly grasp the electrifying atmosphere of his music.