In an exciting fusion of underground music and rap, the renowned Cairokee and the celebrated rapper Marwan Pablo are set to co-headline a highly anticipated concert at the American University in Cairo. This event, part of Cairo's spring concert season, is already generating significant buzz among fans and social media users.


Concert Details

The much-anticipated concert will take place on May 17 at one of American University's theatres, and tickets are available through the university's website. However, the concert announcement sparked considerable controversy on social media, mainly due to ticket sales issues.

Initially, tickets were sold in three categories, priced at 600, 1000, and 1700 EGP. However, once these were sold out, additional tickets were released at higher prices: 700, 1300, and 2050 EGP. The final batch saw prices escalate further to 800, 1500, and 2250 EGP. This pricing strategy has led many to accuse the organisers of taking advantage of fans' eagerness to see their favourite artists perform live.


El Mahata

Despite the ticketing issues, anticipation for the concert remains high. Titled El Mahata, the event is expected to take attendees through Cairokee and Marwan Pablo's many career "stations" as they perform a selection of their most beloved tracks.


Their Upcoming Projects

In addition to the concert, Cairokee's frontman Amir Eid is starring in a new WATCH IT show, Dawa3y El Safar, written and directed by Mohamed Nair. Meanwhile, Cairokee, as a band, continues to make waves in the music industry, with their recent song Telk Qadeya achieving significant success. The track has surpassed 3 million views on YouTube, further cementing the band's popularity and influence.

On the other hand, Marwan Pablo's latest release, Mabda2, has also been well-received, racking up over 460,000 views within just 48 hours of its release online!