Get ready to spice up your playlist with these seven brand-new hits. These beats are guaranteed to get you moving, whether you’re lounging on the beach, driving, or just coping with the summer heat. This roundup has music from some of your favourite rappers and some unexpected gems that we know you will like!


1- 3ala Wara2a – Mared, Nubi, & Big Moe

Big Moe continues to impress with his newest smash hit, 3ala Wara2a. Obviously, the catchy rhythms of the song are perfect for Mared’s rapping, which never ceases to wow us. Plus, the Big Moe x Mared combo just got much better with Nubi!


2- Drake – Ahmed Santa

When it comes to music, Santa never disappoints with any of his releases. Even more so now, his latest single, Drake, is what your playlist is missing!


3- El Waat El Daye3 – Lege-Cy

There’s no doubt that almost everyone loves Lege-Cy’s music. His relatable lyrics and heartfelt messages, combined with the perfect beats, mean we have this song on repeat!


4- 525 – Ziad Zaza

Ziad Zaza keeps blessing his fans with one hit after another, and 525 is no different. Grab your phones, open your favourite streaming platform and add Zaza’s latest EP ASAP!


5- Grrr – Abyusif

If you’re a fan of Abyusif, you won’t be surprised to find him making yet another hit that will live on your playlist this summer. His latest Grrr is the Abyu track you didn’t know you needed.


6- 333 – Tommy Gun, Lil Noby, & Husayn

Not your usual rap track! This one features three legendary members of the M-Town Mafia, and is sure to wow anybody curious about what a smash hit sounds like. Tommy Gun really gave it his all, Husayn and Lil Noby are also truly slaying it in 333!


7- Mabtfre2sh – L-Venom, & Umi

L-Venom and Umi are two rappers who aren’t getting nearly enough attention but who you should start listening to ASAP. The track Mabtfre2sh is like stepping into a free-spirited summer!