Each year, we eagerly await the arrival of the Sandbox Festival. With its unbeatable combination of sun-soaked beaches, electrifying music, and a plethora of activities, including yoga and meditation, it's a 3-day event that never fails to deliver immaculate vibes. From the 16th to the 18th of May, the 10th edition of Sandbox will definitely be special.

Now, let's dive into the DJs we're most excited for in this year's lineup!



Dixon is hands down one of the best electronic DJs to experience live. You're in for a wild ride with him because you never quite know what to expect. He's like a phantom DJ, keeping you on your toes with his genre-blending and unpredictable sets that'll have you hooked from start to finish.


Jimi Jules

Get ready to dance the night away with Jimi Jules! He specialises in house electronic music and is a master at using various instruments to craft his tracks. With his unique playing style and tracks featuring captivating lyrics, Jimi Jules is sure to keep the party going.


Husa & Zeyada

Prepare to hit the dance floor all night long with Husa & Zeyada! Combining an audiovisual project and an Egyptian-Canadian electronic group, their music merges Zeyada's synth-infused bedroom pop with electric guitars and the mystical deep house style of Montreal-based DJ and producer Adam Husa.



Desiree has emerged as one of the most promising house DJs on the scene. Her music transports listeners to an Afrocentric realm while staying true to the roots of techno. Get ready to groove to her infectious beats and experience a fusion of rhythms like never before!


Chloe Caillet

Chloe is renowned as the musical force behind the fashion industry's grandest events. Her eclectic sound blends funk, disco, house, and afrobeat, creating an irresistible mix.


Salomé le Chat

She's gained fame for her electrifying DJ sets, seamlessly weaving different styles of techno, house, and disco. If you've got some extra energy to burn, her sets will keep you dancing until the early morning hours.



Ashmawy is a local gem who never fails to amaze us with his sets. Witnessing his performances is always a delight. It's like the music takes control of your body rather than the other way around—that's exactly how his sets feel!