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We all get excited when our favourite artist announces a new release. But it’s even more thrilling when they surprise you by releasing music different from their usual genre, especially for the rappers known for their high-energy hits. So check out some tracks released by artists that are outside their typical style yet still amazed us!

El Bakht — Wegz

We were definitely surprised by the soft and mellow aura of Wegz’s latest song, which was a departure from his usual intense rapping style that always gets us dancing. But in typical Wegz fashion, the song quickly became popular and climbed up the charts.

7ala — Afroto

When we listened to this Afroto song, it instantly put us in a romantic mood. How could it not? With lyrics so heartfelt, we couldn’t help but feel emotional.

El Bosla Da3et — Marwan Moussa

El Bosla Da3et by Marwan Moussa perfectly captures the emotions of many young adults. So if you’re feeling lost and down and need a calming and inspiring song, this is the track for you.

Ahla Wahda — Disco Misr Ft. Aziz Maraka

Aziz Maraka has a unique musical style that is romantic and lowkey. But this pop song, which he performed with Disco Misr, quickly became famous and adored by many for its out-of-the-usual style.

Sindbad — Marwan Pablo

Whenever this song comes on, everyone starts singing along at the top of their lungs. Marwan Pablo clearly knows what people wanted with this hit, even when it’s not rap. So get ready to warm up those vocal cords and belt it out whenever this track comes on!