If you’re watching Be 100 Wesh, then you definitely know Naglaa, and if you don’t, then you’ve probably seen her catchphrases used in memes all over Facebook. Donia Maher, the actress that plays the depressive, talkative character, stole the show this Ramadan and is this Tuesday’s talent of focus.

Born and raised in Cairo, Donia was born in 1979 and studied interior design at college. Throughout her college years, she joined a workshop in theatre and participated in multiple plays before and after graduation. The actress then moved to cinema and landed her first role in the movie El Khoroog Lel Nahar in 2012. Yes, Be 100 Wesh is not Maher’s first on-screen appearance. In fact, she’s taken part in over 15 series and movies to this day, including Segn El Nesa (2014), Soqoot Horr (2016), Bashtery Ragel (2017), Leil Khargy (2018), A’awelem Khaffeya (2018), and more. 

It seems that many rising stars are given great chances on Nelly Karim’s series, and that has continued this year with Be 100 Wesh. Most of the cast includes new, promising talent such as Maher and Zeinab Ghareeb, who was last Tuesday’s featured talent.