Featured image via Abyusif

Hip-hop mogul Abyusif just dropped a new music video for his latest song, Wala, last night, and it’s already trending as #1 on YouTube! Why? Well aside from the bada** lyrics and the catchy beat, we’re pretty sure this has something to do with how this is an obvious diss track on the trap king, Wegz. 

Even though Abyusif throws shade at other artists, like Basyoni and Shahyn, throughout the track, many bars were clearly addressing Wegz. Is Wegz going to respond? Could he compete with Abyusif’s roasting? We mean, after all, Wegz was probably the only one who managed to roast Mohamed Ramadan so far. Fishawy’s about to try his luck, but we still don’t know how that’s going to go. Oh God, we love those rap battles so much *grabs popcorn*.

Wala was written and performed by Abyusif and directed by Hassan Khorshed (yes, THE Hassan Khorshed from Basha E3temed). As for music production, its courtesy of the one and only NGM. Mesa, which is produced by Lil Baba, is also played as the credits roll at the end of the music video.

Can you spot the bars where Abyusif is clearly dissing Wegz? Drop them in a comment!