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Wegz released a song earlier this week, which is believed to be a diss track directed at the singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan. Over the past few days, the song has dominated the YouTube trending page in Egypt and other countries. Is the new hit song really a direct diss track on Ramadan though? Well, that’s why we’ve dedicated our time to find out.

First things first, why would Wegz want to diss Ramadan in the first place? Let’s give you a recap on the beef between the two. It all started when Ramadan recently made an advert for the energy drink, Sting; the issue is that the idea for the ad was actually Wegz’s. He was supposed to appear in the advert after the company asked him for an idea and a song for it; however, he was surprised to see they went with Ramadan instead, who worked on Wegz’s stolen plan.

For starters, let’s get it out of the way that the track could be mistaken as a diss, but it isn’t. That means that yes, Wegz had Ramadan in mind and some bars are directed towards him, obviously, but the track itself is subtle in its referencing, unlike how ruthless diss tracks usually are. 

That makes sense when you think about the song’s title itself. “Dorak Gai” means “your turn is coming” or “you’re next”, which could be an indicator of an actual diss track coming soon and this was nothing but a warning or a heads-up. Could it really be?

Taking a closer look at the music video and the lyrics, some lines weren’t directed at Ramadan even though it could be intimated that they are; however, let’s talk more about the ones that clearly are addressing him. 

In the first few shots of the video, you can see some TV screens on the floor, which appear to be static. This is a reference to Sting’s advert where Ramadan is sitting on TV screens with his work being played. This could mean that Wegz thinks his achievements are nothing, or it could mean that Wegz’s content is better than Ramadan’s.

Afterwards, Wegz starts with his first verse where he says “law enta baba tab ana meen?” which is a reference to Ramadan’s song Baba. He means, “If Ramadan is baba, then who is Wegz?” Could he be referring that he’s way better or that Ramadan isn’t even on the same level? Not to mention that Wegz has a song, titled Ali Baba, so that could be related to the line as well. 

He then moves on to saying “mesh nafs el loon manetsaweesh,” which means that Wegz and Ramadan shouldn’t be compared or be treated as equals because their styles and genres are completely different.  

Wegz then walks in a coffee shop like in the Sting ad, but with dancers who have poison-protective masks on, which could be taken as a reference to Ramadan’s song “virus”, and that they don’t want to catch his virus. Subtle, ha?

After that, he says “malkoosh el raga f action-at,” which indicates that Ramadan’s action-filled and cool attitude is only limited to the roles he plays on TV and that in real life, it’s a different story. 

Ah ya ghazalty ya sahrana” could also be a reference to Ramadan’s song “BUM BUM” because it’s also called “rayheen nes-har”. Moving on, Wegz says, “mn gheer ma atmarran yaba awel gomhoreya” and that means that even if Ramadan is more buff and his body is more well-built, Wegz is still, effortlessly, “number 1” in Egypt. 

Wegz also says “qaa’ed mafia”, referring to himself as a mafia lord. This is obviously a reference to Ramadan’s song, Mafia, and in the same line he goes on to say “atfeha f wesho f 3eno el tafya,” which could be referring to that time when Ramadan cried with tears coming out of one eye only. 

Ala afak el logo” is a direct reference to the ad where the Sting logo was seen on Ramadan’s back. He then talks about how Ramadan is arrogant and how he always shows off his body, which isn’t really making anyone else jealous. 

There are also different shots where Wegz imitates what Ramadan did in the ad. A similar car to the one Ramadan drove in the Sting ad could even be seen in one of the shots on the left side of the foreground.  The ad was Wegz’s idea, after all.

Also, Wegz was spotted drinking Red Bull at the beginning of the music video; which is Sting’s main competitor and the king of the energy drinks market. Either way, Wegz effortlessly threw shade at Ramadan using only tuk-tuks instead of Lamborghinis and Bentleys. So, hats off to that.

We covered the main lines and shots that were directed at Ramadan, but the song still has more to offer. We’re not sure if Ramadan is going to respond, or if Wegz is going release another diss track before or after Ramadan’s anticipated response. What do you think is going to happen next? How is this beef going to end? Follow Wegz’s and Ramadan’s YouTube channels to get their latest updates as soon as they happen.

Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting with the popcorn for any of the artists to drop something as we listen to Dorak Gai. Don’t blame us; Molotof’s beat is super catchy!