Earlier this month, Egyptian actor and rapper Ahmad Al Fishawy started teasing his fans for his upcoming song, titled Number 2. Everyone went crazy, quickly jumping to the conclusion that this could be a diss track at Mohamed Ramadan, who openly claims his position as Number 1.

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When Ramadan was asked for a comment in an interview, he said that he’s not offended, simply because no one could make fun of Number 1. “Number 1 is everyone’s dream; that’s not something we can make fun of,” Ramadan said. However, it seems that Fishawy only opened fire on himself.

Mo Ramadan didn’t stop there; last night, he posted a video from inside a military tank, teasing for his upcoming song, Dabbaba. What’s interesting is not that this comes soon after Ramadan dropped his latest hit, Ya Habibi, with Maître Gims, it’s because the lyrics are directed at Fishawy himself, in response to the context of his soon to be released song.

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“Apologies to Fishawy, but taking a picture with me is his limit,” the lyrics went. Fishawy then responded immediately by telling ET Bil Arabi, “Apology not accepted.” *MIC DROP*