Featured image via Massar Egbari

Ever since its foundation back in 2005 and Massar Egbari has been our go-to band with a cup of coffee on the balcony. Their music, as well as their lyrics, have always been soul touching and beautiful, and their latest release, Had Tayeh, is not any different.

In light of the current social distancing circumstances, the band held its first live online concert over the weekend. From the comfort of their sofas, fans went crazy, but not just over the band’s killer performance, but over a new song. Yes, that’s right. Massar Egbari surprised its beloved fans with a new song during the livestream and officially dropped it on YouTube last night. 

As the song’s name suggests, the lyrics portray the feeling of being lost in an extremely relateable way. It takes the form of a heart-to-heart conversation that you just can’t ignore. We know it sounds quite depressing at a time we need nothing but positivity, but really, it isn’t; in fact, it’s beautiful. It surely is hardships that inspire and help us bring the finest of art to light!

Had Tayeh is written by Mohamed El Beheiry, composed and arranged by Hany El Dakak, and recorded and mixed by Ayman Massoud. 

If you haven’t listened to it yet, make sure you do. We’re pretty sure that’s going to your playlist.