You've probably missed some sick rap beats this Ramadan, which is why we're bringing back rap hits blending powerful lyrics and slick music. This time, we've got some rappers who unleashed their creativity and passion, infusing their music with relatable experiences and amazing songs. So, if you want to add fire to your playlist, here are some must-have rap releases guaranteed to get you grooving!


Erzo2na Ya Kareem – Begad 

Written and performed by the mastermind Begad, who gained fame in no time—it's all thanks to his talent! Erzo2na Ya Kareem is from his latest album, Welad El 7ara.


Taw3eya – Karim Osama 

Karim Osama is slowly rising on the tip charts, and his new hit, Taw3eya, is written and produced by him. We relate to many of his tracks and guarantee you will love this song.


Ostaz Mahmoud Bezzawy – Ahmed Santa ft. Abyusif 

Our only two reasons this song is a banger are that it's not only performed by Abyusif and Ahmed Santa, but also the name of the legendary actor Mahmoud El Bezzawy is iconic—he even reacted to it himself, and we're living for it.


Hulk – Kareem G, Ahmed Sant and Hussein Yasser 

It's definitely a vibe when Kareem G and Ahmed Santa make a single together produced by Hussein Yasser. Hulk is so pleasing to the ear, and we can't say anything except you should listen to it as soon as you can.


Heya De El Donya – Muhab (PROD. Evo)

There's no doubt that almost everyone loves Muhab's music. His relatable lyrics and heartfelt messages, combined with the perfect beats, make us can't help but play this song on repeat.


Mofasa – Kareem G, Ahmed Santa, Abo El Anwar and Slyver PV 

If you're wondering what a banger hit sounds like, listen to Mofasa, which blends all these genius artists into one song! Mixing and mastering by Lil Baba, Produced by Etto, and we don't need to tell you about these awesome rappers; just listen and enjoy.


E5waty El Matarish – OTSHA and Abo El Anwar 

Lil Baba and Hussein Yasser outdid this one. Otsha and Abo El Anwar's rapping techniques and clean rhymes are sending us all the grooviness we'll need for this summer vibes.