The theme songs of this Ramadan season promise to transport audiences on a musical journey filled with emotion, drama, and excitement. With a lineup of renowned singers full of talent, these theme songs will capture the essence of the compelling stories of these shows.

As viewers eagerly await the premiere of their favourite series, they can take comfort in knowing that these melodies will set the tone for their anticipated shows:


Akram Hosny's Baba Geh

Akram Hosny leads with his infectious energy in Baba Geh. Singing the title track, Hosny embodies the character of Hisham Abou El Ela, navigating the challenges of unemployment amidst the COVID-19 crisis. With a blend of humour and heart, Baba Geh promises to deliver a dose of social comedy that resonates with audiences. 


Abdel Baset Hamouda's El Me3alem

Abdel Baset Hamouda lends his soulful voice to El Me3alem, the theme song for Mustafa Shaaban's latest series. As the narrative unfolds around a fish merchant entangled in a web of conflicts, Hamouda's emotive rendition adds depth and intensity to the storyline. 


Hamza Namira's Ser Elahy   

In a historic first, Hamza Namira debuts with Ser Elahy. For a show full of suspense and betrayal, Namira's haunting melody captures the essence of Nasra's journey to seek justice. 


Asala's Ne3ma El Avocado

Mai Omar's Ne3ma El Avocado theme song will be sung by the one and only Asala. With a blend of traditional melodies and modern flair, Asala's rendition of the theme song for a series filled with mystery.


Nawal El Kuwaitia's Seid El 3a2areb

Nawal El Kuwaitia's soulful rendition of Seid El 3a2areb adds emotion to Ghada Abdel Razek's comeback with her latest series. Nawal's powerful vocals won't fail to capture the essence of the human experience to be portrayed in the show.


Ahmed Sheibah's Ha2 Arab

Ahmed Sheibah's dynamic performance for an adrenaline-fueled adventure by singing the theme song for Ahmed El Awady's first lead in an action-packed show. With a cast of seasoned actors and heart-pounding thrills, Ha2 Arab promises to be a wild ride from start to finish.


Wael El Fashni's Beit El Refaie

Singing the theme song for Karara's gripping drama, El Fashni's soulful vocals will steal viewers' hearts. Beit El Refaie promises to be a riveting tale of family feuds, betrayal, and the lead's redemption.


Mahmoud El Laithi's Mohareb

The song narrates the life and heroic journey of Hassan El Raddad's character. El Laithi's emotive vocals promise to capture the character's courage and resilience. That said, as a promotion for the show, El Raddad sang a fun and witty song that mismatches the show's vibe.


Medhat Saleh's Embratoreyet Meem

Medhat Saleh's triumphant return in Embratoreyet Meem marks his second collaboration with Khaled El Nabawy. Singing the theme song for El Nabawy's highly anticipated social drama with a multigenerational ensemble. 


Massar Egbari's Massar Egbari

The band Massar Egbari did the vocals for Essam Omar and Ahmed Dash's latest collaboration of the same name. The group are the best songsters to sing the theme song for the heartfelt drama! 


Mohamed Adaweya's Selat Rahem

The legendary Adaweya sings the theme song for Eyad Nassar's gripping drama about surrogacy, Selat Rahem. His soulful vocals will definitely add depth and emotion to the narrative.