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Eid Al Fitr gets everyone nostalgic thinking about the good old days. So many things have drastically changed or slowly evolved over the past decade, from technology and film productions to basic lifestyles and habits. So, allow us to jog your memory with how life was ten years ago in 2013!


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New year, new gadgets, and inventions! Millennials went through a parade of devices, smartphones, and game consoles in 2013. The iPhone 5S and 5C were the hottest releases at the time and marked the rise of iPhones in Egypt. Nokia also released its Nokia Lumia 1020, considered an impressive gadget, yet had a weak campaign and wasn’t a popular smartphone in Egypt.

It was also a phenomenal year for gamers, as 2013 witnessed the debut of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Sony launched the PlayStation 4 while Microsoft introduced the Xbox One, and gamers worldwide couldn’t be more grateful!

2013 Movies

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While 2013 was not the best year for movie releases in Egypt, some films are still being watched and rewatched. Movies like Samir Abu El Nil, El Haramy Wal ‘Abet, and Ala Gosety didn’t receive much audience acclaim then but are now frequently played on TV channels.

Let us also remind you of a crazy time in 2013 when Mohamed Farrag’s and Horreya Farghaly’s El Ashash movie was released and had waves of people rushing to the cinemas to watch the belly-dancer, Safinaz’s debut performance to the song ‘3la Remsh 3oyonha’. We are sure that everyone remembers this!

Generally speaking, we have mixed feelings about this year for Egyptian cinema, with several early 2000s movies that were better.

Lifestyle and Fashion

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Looking back at our fashion choices and interests at that time is always cringe-inducing. Huge sunglasses, belts, beanies, trucker caps, and headbands were all on-trend additions to our fashionable outfits. And in 2013, instead of using iMessage or WhatsApp, everyone was on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Of course, there were iPhones around, as we mentioned, but they lacked the enchantment of BBM!

Eid Traditions Over the Past Decade

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Traditionally, before Eid Al Fitr, people would buy new clothes as the idea of “Lebs El Eid” was an Egyptian staple. Some would even buy multiple new garments for each day of Eid. Yet, nowadays, nobody cares enough to buy brand-new threads solely for this occasion. In reality, Egyptians either stay indoors during Eid to avoid the city’s crowdedness or travel somewhere and relax from all the work exhaustion!

The tradition of Edeya is also dying out, with no one handing out money to their kids anymore for Eid. Why El Edeya was only offered to children is beyond us — not only do we miss it, but we also need it now more than ever! Children used to look forward to El Edeya all year since it was the day they got a big lump of money from every elder relative. So this is one tradition we hope doesn’t die out entirely!