TikTok is THE hub for everything extraordinary, in the best and worst ways. Between odd recipes, study tips, and insane kitchen hacks, we have brought you a list of bizarre TikTok drink combos. Whether you're seeking an energy boost, a health-enhancing drink, or zesty lemonade with a twist, this is for you!


1- Exotic Lemonade

As our favourite Tiktokers welcome summer, we have spotted some iconic drinks on our feeds, one of which is Youmna Reda's exotic, special lemonade. What's different about this lemonade is that instead of water, you add pineapple juice to four lemons and blend them together. The lemonade has a tantalising palate. It might taste weird for the first two sips, but then it will have you hooked!


2- Ginger shots

The ginger, AKA wellness shot, has gone viral on TikTok for its vast health benefits. Some companies and brands even took the recipe and made it into ready-made bottled shots. The ginger shots have reportedly helped many people with acne, boosted immunity, and made people feel more refreshed and energised. The wellness shot is made up of ginger, turmeric, lemon or orange, and cinnamon or black pepper.


3- Espresso and Orange

Hear us out! Orange and espresso are bitter yet refreshing elements. When combined, they produce a drink that ignites the soul and shocks your taste buds. It might sound like a bad idea for a minute, but we can guarantee it's truly a must-try experience.


4- Sobya and Mango

Last Ramadan, Sobya experienced all sorts of innovation. Between Sobya and strawberry and Sobya with coffee, Sobya and mango stood out the most. It reached an extent where some of our favourite places had it for sale by the end of Ramadan. The tropical sweetness of the mango, combined with the creamy texture of the vanilla and coconut, made the drink extremely filling and satisfied our sweet tooth for Iftar.


5- Espresso and Red Bull

The ultimate finals season innovation was the espresso shot and Red Bull combination. We have all seen it on our feeds, and the comment section is always hilarious. Despite the drink combination seeming somewhat interesting at first, its health risks are truly alarming. Side effects range from shivering to severe headaches! This one is definitely not to try.