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Everything’s costing a lot more now compared to ten years ago. In light of this problem experienced all around the world, a 2011 post was reshared on Egyptian Twitter and quickly went viral. And the memes that sprouted in response are just too good to ignore!

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A meme account uploaded a screenshot of the original post, containing a poster complaining that at least 2,000 EGPs are needed to buy a new laptop. In addition, the Twitter user added the humorous comment, “In instalments, 2k pounds couldn’t even buy someone the “Enter” button on a keyboard”. The remainder of the hilarious tweets are below; enjoy!

Someone jokingly replied that the original post would make sense in today’s tech market if it referred to 2,000 US dollars instead of pounds. And sadly, they are not wrong!

On a similar note, another Twitter user attempted to make the post fit the current tech rates but this time from a different angle. They mentioned that you can purchase a laptop charger with this money! While this tweet is more realistic, it still depends on the brand of the charger, with some high-tech brands amounting to slightly more.

Adopting a more worried tone, someone replied that posts made today may get the same reactions in 2035. Frankly, it’s a valid concern, and now we are afraid too!