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After finishing work and daily activities, everyone has a different routine before they head to bed. But while these routines vary to some extent, they are mostly the same, especially if you are not dating! Or at least that’s how this Twitter user posed her question on before-bedtime activities.

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She asked if you are not on the phone with your partner before you sleep, what else do you do? Indeed, this question stirred up several relatable answers and bizarre jokes; allow us to share the Tweets with you!

There has been an outbreak of ASMR videos of people cleaning dirty old carpets, and they have somehow become many people’s guilty pleasure, garnering millions of views! For some reason, it is soothing to watch the 30-minute cleaning process of a filthy rug and watch it become as good as new; that’s exactly what this Twitterer is talking about!

Apparently, one of the repliers is secretly saving the city at night from all the criminals; he is Batman! This Twitter user replied with a GIF of an animated Batman lighting his bat signal in the Cairo sky. Well, keep up the heroic work, Bruce Wayne!

Unfortunately, staying in bed doing nothing can lead to much overthinking and anxious thoughts, which takes up too much time. Overthinking is no one’s favourite activity, but it’s sadly common.

Yet midnight snacks do not always bring comfort to some people, just like this Twitter user says. They quoted the Tweet above with the popular GIF of a kid eating a burger while crying.

Lastly, a Twitter gal replied that she makes a latte and spends her last minutes of the day watching social media stories of people who are dating. This answer is a very specific yet perfect reply to match the aura of the original question!