We were casually surfing the internet when we found a long, shocking post on Mohamed El Sharnouby’s Instagram account. The rising star claims that the video posted to announce their engagement by his so-called fiancée, Sarah El Tabakh, dates back to early 2018 and that they’re no longer together. Wait; what?! 

As we already wrote when Sharnouby was cyberbullied after El Tabakh’s engagement announcement, we want to elaborate Sharnouby’s recent statement.

“I’ve been meaning to answer a lot of questions asked concerning my personal life,” Sharnouby wrote in the post. “I did fall in love with Sarah, but this opened fire on me, and even caused me trouble with my own father,” Sharnouby continued.

Sharnouby pointed out that his father was against the engagement and didn’t accompany him to ask for the bride’s hand, as we all saw in the video. To this point, we thought it was fine, but the rest of the post took another twist. 

According to Sharnouby’s claims, El Tabakh talked him into producing an album even though he wasn’t intending on doing this anytime soon. It didn’t stop there; she made him sign a contract that obligates him to work with her company for 10 years. During that time, he won’t be able to work with any other production company. Not just that, but in case of any breach, El Sharnouby would have to pay a monetary penalty worth USD 600,000. 

“El Tabakh manipulated me into thinking I can break free from this contract any time I want, and that was not the case at all,” Sharnouby added. He also said that he broke off the engagement three months afterwards because he was no longer comfortable.

However, Sharnouby went back to El Tabakh after his friend tried to fix things between them. “I thought to myself, maybe this could work, but after a while, troubles arose again and it went downhill from there,” the actor said.

Sharnouby continued, claiming that when El Tabakh started trying to take over his life, he wanted to leave but she blackmailed him. One of the ways she used was the video we all saw on her Instagram on the 13th of June of this year.

“I never wanted to hurt her, which is why I kept my mouth shut most of the time, but things got uglier,” He continued.

Sharnouby then said that this would be the first and last time he’ll ever talk about this, or about anything personal, but he had to. Sarah El Tabakh, on the other hand, still hasn’t commented so far.

We know your jaws probably dropped, ours did too. Hmm... Something smells fishy though; we’ll keep you posted anyway. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts about this.