The Egyptian rising star who captured girls’ hearts in no time with his angelic voice and charismatic performances in movies was brutally cyberbullied right after his engagement announcement. After fiancée Sarah El Tabakh announced her engagement to Mohamed El Sharnouby, people started calling her names and called Sharnouby a “gold digger” merely because of an 11-year age difference.

 First things first, who is that mysterious woman that stole Sharnouby’s heart? Briefly, El Tabakh is a writer, a producer, a celebrity image consultant, and a media and PR expert. It’s not just about the multiple hats Sarah wears, during her 14 years of experience she carries under her belt, she has worked with reputable brand names and celebrities. Her rich portfolio boasts work for El Nahar TV, FP7 advertising agency, Rotana, and more. Not to mention that she’s worked with celebrities of the likes of Amr Diab and Sherine Abdelwahab.

 Unfortunately, so-called fans didn’t assume Sharnouby was infatuated with her success and ambition. Instead, they jumped to their own conclusions, assuming he was a gold digger simply because El Tabakh’s Earth Production is the production company behind his recent work.

 Hate comments ranged from “Please tell us that your engagement is a joke” and “I bet she can’t even make omelettes” to things like “it’s definitely an engagement with benefits” and the list goes on. Not to mention those who judged her looks, claiming that she’s not even pretty. Excuse me, who are you to decide who’s hot and who’s not?


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 Two days ago, Sharnouby took to Facebook to express his confusion regarding the constant accusations showering him, especially on newspapers and websites. “Four pieces of news were released, each weirder than the one before. Their way of criticism completely lacked professionalism,” he wrote.

 Unfortunately, people cross the line and bully celebrities as if they weren’t human beings that have feelings and get hurt. Assuming someone is a gold digger is not acceptable, and if he is, that shouldn’t be anyone’s business! Just like it’s none of anyone’s business to approve who Sharnouby chooses as a life partner. Do people actually think he’s going to read their comments and rethink such major life choices and maybe leave his future wife?

 However, Sharnouby’s fans defended him and showered him with lovely comments on how happy they are for him and how cute they look together.

 When are we going to respect others’ privacy? What would you do if you wake up one morning to find everyone questioning your relationship with your wife? You’d snap, right?

Then how are celebrities any different?

 Do everyone a favour, and each time you believe you have the right to involve yourself in someone’s business, just don’t!


By Yara Tarek