When MTM first hit the music scene in the early 2000s, the trio took the entire country by storm. Millions of Egyptians were left stunned by the rap culture, especially with the release of their number 1 hit song, Omy Mesafra,  it was quite shocking at the time. MTM was one of the few to introduced rap to Egypt. Alas, the boy band was not around for long; soon after, they were nowhere near the spotlight. Luckily for 90s kids, the masterminds behind our childhood favourite song are back, and they’re stronger than ever!

2017 was MTM’s first comeback when the group re-entered the music world with the release of Horoub Edterary; a soundtrack made for an action film with the same title.

A year later, MTM dropped a new single, Balbata, and in the same year, the band made three collaborations; Nafs El Ma3ad with Sarah El Monzer, Ka2en Fada2y with Massar Egbari, as well as Bos Kowaies with Karim Mohsen. Unfortunately, MTM was no longer a trio at that time! Mahmoud, the third member of the group, left the country, so Takki and Mikey decided to continue the journey on their own. But in spite of this core change, the new songs garnered massive success.

The good news is that two weeks ago, MTM announced the release of its long-awaited album, Argook Matfselnesh, and released two songs from it earlier this month; El Batreek and Nadman. Both songs were written and composed by Takki himself.

Shokran Ya Habaybi, the third song from the album, was also released a couple of days ago. This one was also written and composed none other than Takki, and as for the music production, it was courtesy of Mamdouh Saad.

We can’t wait to see what MTM has in store for us next!