Last year, a team from Beautiful Destinations flew to Egypt, explored every corner of the ancient country, joined forces with the Ministry of Tourism, and together they gave us the People to People campaign. But only this week, Beautiful Destinations surprised us by adding Egypt to their famed Let’s Go video series.

The Let’s Go videos focus on countries individually, unveiling their beauty and hidden gems, and showcasing them as they’ve never been seen before. And the Let’s Go Egypt video is nothing less than that. In fact, it’s an excellent chance for travellers all around the world to see that Egypt has so much more to offer than they learned in history classes.

“Although Egypt is known for the Pyramids, the country was much more diverse and the eclectic landscapes we encountered made it my favourite travel destination,” wrote Chris Shepherd, the video’s director. “I hope this video captures how incredible Egypt truly is!”

The team, consisting of Shepherd, Jake Irish, Ben Mikha, and Cory Martin, was guided by Egyptian filmmaker, photographer, and founder of Visit Egypt, Ahmed Wahba. The four filmmakers split up so that each two would cover half of the country of the course of three weeks. Other than Cairo, they captured mindblowing shots in places like Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Fayoum, Siwa, Sinai, the Red Sea, and the Black and White deserts.

The background music perfectly complements the wanderlust-inducing visuals. Hamza Namira and Eftekasat’s intro of Dar ya Dar was borrowed to introduce Egzod’s Talisman.

Given the times we are living in, we’re super thrilled to see all these efforts, such as the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ recent initiative, Experience Egypt From Home. Travel may still be restricted, and the tourism industry all over the world is suffering, but all of this hard work will not go to waste, and when the time comes, the tourists will surely flock to Egypt.