We woke up today to the teaser for the Breaking Bad movie, named ‘El Camino’, and it certainly got everyone screaming with joy. Remember when we went overboard last June as our favourite drug mules, Aron Paul and Bryan Cranston, posted the famed donkeys picture? Since last year we’ve been hearing about a movie in the making, and with that Twitter frenzy, we kind of connected the dots. Our favourite drug, Breaking Bad, is coming back for real, and only last night, Netflix confirmed with a captivating teaser.

For starters, the teaser was one-minute long, but it was enough to make us pull off a backflip out of excitement. A man is being interrogated and asked about, wait for it... Jesse Pinkman! So, we guess Jesse is getting a movie. Well, he deserves it; after all, he’s been through a lot. Plus, we’re really excited to take a closer look at the tortured soul of his and where life has taken him after the tragic Felina. For five full seasons, we’ve been getting our dose of Walter White, and now, it’s Pinkman time!

That’s not all; Netflix didn’t leave us hanging. The online streaming giant promised a release date at the end. Seems like we’re counting the days to October 11th of this year. Yaaaaaaay!

This movie is written and directed by the one and only Vince Gilligan. It’s obviously starring Aaron Paul as well, but we’re still not sure which of our favourite characters will join the cast. All we wish for are some flashback scenes so we could see more of Bryan Cranston’s on-screen brilliance.

What do you think will happen next? Do you think Elliot and Gretchen will give Walter Jr. his dad’s money? Do you think Saul is still going to be there, being the magical, kicka** lawyer he’s always been? Most importantly, where do you think life is taking Jesse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.