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If you’re super up to date with the fashion world’s latest news and happen to be a Friends fanatic at the same time, you probably know about the Rachel Green tribute collection. In celebration of the American hit show’s 25th anniversary, Ralph Lauren joined forces with Warner Bros to release a line inspired by Rachel’s iconic wardrobe. 

The character’s remarkable 90s and 00s style on the show was given a modern-day twist, bringing this collection to life. So, expect a whole lot of leather bottoms, polo-neck knitwear, and Green’s signature blazers.

Lucky New Yorkers will get to witness the collection’s release at Rachel’s first-ever fashion job destination, Bloomingdales. Not just that, but they’ll even grab a complimentary cup of coffee from a Central Perk remake at the location. Out of complete jealousy and lots of excitement, we couldn’t help but give a call to Ralph Lauren’s branch in Egypt. To our disappointment though, the saleswoman told us that the collection wouldn’t be coming to Egypt. BUMMER!

Well, if these 10 reasons don’t change their minds, we don’t know what will.

#1 We’re already getting our very own Central Perk in Cairo, other than the one in Port Said, so how are we supposed to grab our morning coffee without that cashmere turtleneck?

Via Ralph Lauren

#2 90s trends are back in style, so why go bargain in Wekala when we can dress up like Rachel?

#3 Remember what Rachel went through to land that first fashion job? We’re willing to go through the same trouble. 

#4 WE ARE NOT ON A BREAK so Ralph Lauren shouldn’t disregard our Egyptian branch.

Via El Deforma

#5 We don’t need a Mark as a wasta at Ralph Lauren.

#6 How else could we land a Van Damme, a Ross, a Tag, or even a Gunther?

#7 Because without that collection, it’s like there’s rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then us.

Via Pinterest

#8 We’re all in the WE LOVE RACHEL GREEN CLUB.

#9 We’d pay more for that leopard print fur coat than on a cat.

Via Ralph Lauren

#10 We’ll go all Janice on you if you don’t bring us that collection. 

Maybe we don’t need your collection…. Wait! We said maybe!