Featured image via Youssef Fawzi

Remember our recent interview with rising saxophonist, Youssef Fawzi, when he unveiled to us the news about his first original soundtrack? Well, the wait is finally over, because Fawzi just dropped Remember and its music video.

“Be prepared to watch something magical, fantastic, and out of this world,” Youssef told us back in September, and sure he was right! The music video feels exactly like a piece of art woven straight out of Fawzi’s wildest fantasies. Director Hazem Kattana definitely knew how to create a breathtaking visual that reflects everything about Youssef’s magical tunes. 

The music video, which follows a journey from self-doubt to inner peace, features dancer and choreographer, Dalia Farid. It’s produced by Utopia Media, and the music production is courtesy of Hussein Gamal.

Remember is part of a new album that is yet to be released, featuring several well-established artists. It’s also one of four songs on the album that have their own music videos.