After days of teasing his fans, Wegz finally dropped his latest music video, featuring Algerian rapper, Savage Plug, last night. The video for Asyad El Balad’s secured 480,000+ views in less than 24 hours (as we write this). So, could this be the hip-hop artist’s new hit?

Asyad El Balad’s release shortly came after Wegz’s latest hit, Dorak Gai, which is thought to be a track dissing Mohamed Ramadan. Dorak Gai, which dropped only three weeks ago, has garnered 8.1 million views so far. That’s a whole lot more than what Bazet, Wegz’s first viral song, got; it was viewed 5.7 million+ times on YouTube.

The rapper also released to other songs earlier this year, Nossein, and 21.

If anything, Wegz is releasing tracks faster than ever; the dude’s on fire! We can’t see what the young man still has in store for us.