Written by Ahmed Essam El-Sayed

Shaabi star Mahmoud El-Leithy just released a song entitled “The First Shaabi Diss Track”, where he spoofed several artists from the rap scene. This was part of the third episode of the new comedy sketch show “Sa’fan Fi Al Television”. The programme, which features well-known Facebook content creator and now star of his own TV show, Ibrahim El Banna, aired its third episode with the topic of “Mahraganat”. The show featured several sketches on the subject, including a very clever sketch where it is imagined if El-Leithy was the sound of your GPS.

Furthermore, it had a song where El-Leithy spoofed the likes of Marwan Pablo, Wegz, and Hammo Bika. The concept is pretty funny, as the rap scene just witnessed one of the most brutal beefs between Marwan Mousa and Abyusif. It had them releasing one track after the other, slamming and ridiculing, and ensured thousands of fans front row seats to a once in a lifetime experience. As a result, the words “diss track” became a very hot word on search engines and social media algorithms.

However, the song itself got a little too preachy and falsely virtuous when it decided to slam rap tracks, the current rap scene, and mahraganat as a lower form of art. It is no surprise that rap fans are not cool with the whole thing, yet the rap scene itself has stayed rather silent towards it. Most probably, they get the joke and let it slide just like any other dig. Yet, it is quite enjoyable seeing different genres and different mediums getting into an artistic beef.