Written by Arwa Hezzah

If you have been following the Egyptian rap scene for the past four days or so, you’d know that there has been some real drama unfolding between rappers Marwan Moussa and Abyusif. While the drama does involve a multitude of other rappers, the back and forth currently occurring between these two rappers is definitely worth paying attention to. 

The war started when rapper Wegz dissed Abyusif in his track “Hustla’”, claiming that he thinks he’s a big deal when he’s really not. Of course, Abyusif took it to heart and immediately released “Okay”, dissing Wegz back. The interesting part of this was that Abyusif also dissed Marwan Moussa in the track. Apparently, he’d felt betrayed by his former friend because he’d been hanging out with Wegz’s posse, which, to him, was like siding with the enemy.

This was followed by a conflict on Instagram, where both artists posted a series of stories indirectly making fun of each other. The messages weren’t exactly explicit at first, but they quickly progressed to the artists blatantly replying to each other through their stories. While most of the punches came from Abyusif, the situation certainly sparked the fire between both rappers.

On the 18th of February, Marwan Moussa released “Kolo fel Saleem, in which he dissed both Wegz and Abyusif. While Moussa’s track wasn’t exactly harsh on either artist, it started the rap battle between him and Abyusif. Following the release of Moussa’s track, Abyusif took to Instagram yet again, announcing that he was definitely releasing a diss track in response to Moussa’s.

After some radio silence from Abysuif’s end, Moussa took the lead and released “Msh Okay”, even the title of which is directed at Abyusif’s “Okay”. The track, which Moussa supposedly wrote in a matter of hours, had Moussa dissing Abyusif but also thanking him for helping him start his rap career, calling him a brother and his dislike that the issues had to unfold the way they did.

After going quiet with promises of releasing a track, Abyusif released “Megatron. The song, though, was nowhere near as impressive as its build-up was, hardly containing a reply to Moussa’s diss. After being confronted about the track’s mediocrity by Moussa on Instagram, Abyusif announced that “Megatron” was not meant to be a diss track, but rather a teaser for his new album “Habek Bors”.

Both tracks began trending on YouTube, while Abyusif continued to receive backlash about his song. On February 21st, a couple of days after Megatron was released, he released “Sit”, where he dissed Moussa, claiming that he was the reason Moussa’s career took off. The track was a direct response to Moussa’s “Msh Okay”.

So far, the battle is still ongoing. This morning, Moussa released a track under the name “Megatroll”, again the title of which is a direct attack on Abyusif’s “Megatron”. In it, Moussa calls Abyusif a liar for claiming that “Megatron” was a teaser for his new album, saying instead that it was a failed diss track that needed a sequel.

Two hours later, Abyusif had another track out, titled “E3sar Katrina”, in which he insinuated that Moussa’s career was built without real effort and that he had it easy and used his family’s riches to kick-off his career.

From the looks of it, both rappers have been awake for days, writing one diss track after another. We are yet to see if the battle has ended or if there are more tracks to come. What we do know now is that this clash has us on the edge of our seats, waiting for more.