We don't know about you, but unlike the popular opinion among Tamino-Amir's fans, our favourite song is Indigo Night, not Habibi. As you all probably know, Muharram Fouad's talented grandson performed in his homeland, Cairo, for the first time ever last week. Cairo Jazz Club 610's crowd went crazy over his epic performance, which was followed by a meet and greet. 

During his time in Cairo, Tamino took the chance to film a music video for Indigo Night. It was filmed over course of two days with the help of local extras and crew members.

"It was a wonderful experience making a video in the country of my father," Tamino wrote on Instagram. "I love Cairo, a city of many contrasts and complex, incredible history. I hope this video can serve as a small ode to the city."

The Egyptian-Belgian artist revealed that the video is based on paintings from an art movement from the 1930s-1940s called Art & Liberté. He added that the influence is not that noticeable and he's glad it isn't; for him, it was more of an inspiration. The rising star feels that the music video is an addition to the song, which speaks for itself on its own. 

"Personally, I prefer to listen to songs the same way I read books. Which is by means of imagination and interpretation, which make the work of art truly yours and speak to you even more," Tamino wrote.

Tamino's inspiration makes a lot of sense after watching the video. The interpretation is pretty artistic, displaying a lot of Cairene elements; from Cairo's skyline and rooftops to the Nile view and the Pyramids as backdrops in some scenes. The overall warm feel is quite obvious in the beautifully colour graded scenes and that truly reflects the essence of Indigo Night.

The music video is definitely a different reflection of Cairo that's unlike the stereotypical, cliché one. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.