Remember last month when we shared with you one of our latest musical discoveries, Tamino-Amir? Well, “The New Sound of the Nile”, as dubbed by the BBC, is actually coming to Egypt this fall! The Egyptian-Belgian singer just announced his Middle East North African tour, and his first stop is going to be our beloved homeland. 

The sensational indie rock singer is set to perform on Friday the 11th of October of this year at none other than Cairo Jazz Club 610. There are still no details about tickets nor entry fees, but we’ll keep you posted once any announcements are made.


Tamino will then head off to Turkey to and will perform in Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara, and then end his tour in Casablanca, Morocco. 

If you still have no clue who Tamino-Amir is, then you’re missing out on a lot, but let us enlighten you. The rising artist happens to be the grandson of famed Egyptian singer and actor, Muharram Fouad. The 22-year-old singer kick started his musical career from a very young age, releasing his first single, and the most popular of his songs, Habibi, in 2016. And in summer 2018, he dropped his debut album, Amir, garnering massive attention worldwide.


Since then, Tamino has grown in popularity, and last month Lana Del Rey selected him to open her concert in Dublin.

For more information about the rising star, check out our piece about him.


By Nadine Arab