No one could deny that the tabla will always be one of the coolest musical instruments. Once added to a song, it gives it life, and it becomes very hard to resist dancing to its beat. Shady El-Agar is not a new face when it comes to tabla remixes, and his latest video is just one more impressive tabla mashup for this summer’s hit song, Senorita.

Remember when Camila Cabello’s Havana was a hit and we used to hear it everywhere we went? It got stuck on replay until we couldn’t take it anymore. Then, Shady made a tabla cover for it that completely changed the whole song, making it sound like it was brand new. Seems like Shady has a thing for Cabello!

His cover for Havana didn’t just go viral, NPO FUNx, the main website for the Dutch radio channel FUN, featured his video. The station follows the latest trends, and Shady just had to be one of those for his killer tabla performance. 

Meanwhile, Mazzikny, which is a platform that interviews Egyptian musicians, tackling globalisation of western and eastern music, also interviewed our tabla guru. “The time I spend with the tabla is like escapism from the stressful days of work, it’s my breather,” Shady told Mazzikny.

Did we mention that Shady also gives tabla lessons and workshops? So, to everyone who’d like to follow his path, this is your shot.

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