Yes, the Arabic lyric video is out, and it’s priceless. We all loved Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ new hit “Señorita”. We kept on listening to it until it got stuck on replay in our heads. The song’s viral for God’s sake, we can’t run away from it. Plus, those worldwide rumours about these two cuties dating… Pffftt. Doesn’t make the situation any easier for our ears; it’s stuck in our brains!

Don’t you just love seeing them together? Anyhow, instead of playing the song on repeat (like we all do) and daydreaming about the new couple’s goals (which we’re also guilty of doing), someone casually decided to translate the song. Because apparently the internet needs to know the literal translation of “Ya Anessa”, sorry, we meant Señorita!

We don’t mind if someone wants to know the meaning of the lyrics in Arabic, of course. But come on people, seriously? We really don’t need to get into details, but ewww. No for real, ew! *puking emoji*

We do hope this traumatising video doesn’t spoil the song for you. Enjoy.