In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, everyone is advising others to stay home and follow safety precautions in order not to catch the Coronavirus. However, Egyptian superstar, Mohamed Ramadan, preferred to go a little further and drop an entire music video for it.

From wearing gloves and masks to disinfecting with rubbing alcohol and keeping a safe distance, the song has it all. Nobody can compete with Mo Ramadan’s embellished gloves and mask though; sure he likes it posh!

Ramadan’s son, Ali, made a special appearance in the video, sterilising his room with his dad and dressed in identical outfits. Unfortunately, the little kid fell victim for a very racist comment a few days ago when his father shared a behind-the-scenes picture from the shoot, but Ramadan smartly responded.

The song was written by El Power El 3aly and Bldozer, and the music video directed by Mohamed Sami.