Over the weekend, rising artist Lella Fadda dropped her first professionally-produced single, El Wa’at Msh Beya’ady. If the song’s name rings a bell, then you probably heard it on Mo Ramadan’s hit series, El Brens, which was Lella’s debut acting experience and on-screen appearance.

The singer/songwriter, and now actress, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity that Ramadan and director, Mohamed Sami, have given her. Not just by letting her explore her acting abilities and guiding her through it, but also by giving her the chance to play her music on the show. With such massive viewership, it was Fadda’s greatest opportunity to shine, and she did; the song got the attention she wished for.

“I’m so excited to show you how much can music arrangement add to a song,” Fadda wrote on her Instagram back in July when she was teasing for the official release. El Wa’at Msh Beya’ady is written and composed by the artist herself, and produced, mixed, and arranged by Ratchopper.

Check out the song below, and if you want to learn more about Lella, make sure to read our feature on her amazing talent.