After dropping her debut single, Haleq Maa'y, with Hisham Kharma, garnering over 4 million views on YouTube, the rising singer, Mirelle Mokhtar, collaborated with another artist to produce one more piece of art. This time, Mokhtar joined forces with the very talented musician, Andrew Mounir, and together, they made a beautiful mashup cover for Fayrouz's Kifak Inta and Babylone's Zina.

Listening to two incredible hit songs at once felt amazing, especially with the help of Mokhtar's angelic voice and Mounir's soothing tunes. The music itself is one thing and the video was something else; simple, minimalistic, but totally out of this world! And the guy behind this is none other than Ahmed Wahba, who directed the artsy music video. It's worth mentioning that in spite of being by a sand storm, the video was all taken in one shot. Hats off to the director and crew!

Now watch the video and let us know what you think.