If you’ve watched The Blue Elephant 2, then the remake of El Donia Resha F Hawa probably caught your attention. With Shereen Abdo’s warm voice, badass Tara Emad slamming her guitar, and our all-time favourite, Disco Misr, taking over the decks in the back, the scene was something to behold. However, it wasn’t all staged; the disco kings are actually the masterminds behind the new composition.

The trio, made up of Amr Emad, Mostafa El Sherif, and Schady Wasfy, have been bringing retro oriental beats back to life by adding a disco flavour. They’ve been truly changing the music scene, as well as the nightlife scene, as we know them, especially during this past year. First, a brilliant album launch in Sahel earlier this summer, followed by the Best DJs award at the 11th Middle East Music Awards, and now their first musical contribution in a movie.

Hats off to the disco kings!