If you’re up to date with the music and events scene, you’ve probably heard about Red Bull’s upcoming concert, Red Bull Disco El Nogoum, in Sahel on Friday, July 12th. The power trio has been on fire for quite a while, and this will be their first album launch at an event this big.

If you’re wondering why to bother attending if you’ve been going to all their lit concerts, well, here are five legit reasons why it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

It’s Red Bull's concert

The energy drink powerhouse is well known for incredible music events such as Red Bull Soundclash and Red Bull Fel Share3. So, it goes without saying that, entertainment wise, we’re in safe hands. Plus, it's worth mentioning that this is the first concert for Red Bull in Sahel and the first-ever standalone concert for Disco Misr. 

The theme

Enjoying some 80s and 90s hits with a twist of funk and disco, what more could we ask for?

It’s not just Disco Misr

Rumour has it that five artists are making an appearance. Those are claimed to be Ihab Tawfik, Mostafa Amar, Hossam Hosny, Hany Adel, and Hany El Dakak. Seems like the stage is going to be set on fire!

It’s not expensive

Tickets are EGP 180, and for a Sahel event, that’s nothing! Claim your tickets now from Ticketsmarché.

You’ve got your ride covered

Have no ride? Have nowhere to stay? Well, the good news is that SWVL will be offering the concert-goers a ride to and from the venue. Guess you now have no reason to bail, right?