This quarantine has been definitely boosting creativity more than anything else, pushing artists to create more content and showering the internet with it. With the inspiration doubled, and the rise of the hip-hop culture in Egypt, the creative social media personality, Ahmed Basiony, took the chance to strike again.

Two days ago, Basiony dropped Mabasalemsh, a short song, dedicated to the quarantine vibes, featuring none other than Wegz and L5VAV. In less than 48 hours the song has made it to YouTube’s trend list at #5, garnering more than 138,000 views. 

Basyoni’s fame rose as he started posting a series of so-called tutorial videos on how to sing like famous artists. He began singing himself earlier this year when he created a parody remake of Tameem Youness’ Salmonella, titled Cinderella, to please the angry anti-Salmonella crowd.