Amidst the hype around Tameem Youness’ Salmonella, released earlier this month, the social media famous Ahmed Basyoni finds his place. As some viewers opened fire on Youness, accusing him of promoting violence and sexism, Basyoni decided to ride the wave by singing Cinderella for this particular angry crowd.

Basyoni’s fame rose as he started posting a series of so-called tutorial videos on Facebook on how to sing like famous artists. From to Cairokee’s Amir Eid to Wegz, the talented Basyoni aced his impressions. 

To up his game, especially after Basyoni was asked to appear in multiple TV ads last year, a parody seemed like a good idea. Cinderella is basically a remake of Tameem’s hit song, only with a twist to make the other crowd happy. 

Everything aside, both songs are funny. Cinderella does not mean that any guy, or girl, will welcome rejection with arms open wide, just like Salmonella doesn’t take away the right to consent. Everyone; be it a man or a woman, handles rejection differently. So, let’s all sit back, enjoy the catchy beat, and learn how to live together, despite our differences, in peace.