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Megastar Amr Diab’s been teasing us for a few days now with a new song he’s been keeping under wraps. The summery beach backdrop and superstar Dina El Sherbiny’s appearance were more than enough to get us hooked. But El Hadaba, thankfully, didn’t keep us waiting for long; he just dropped Amaken El Sahar’s official music video, which appears to be this year’s potential summer hit.

The vibrant music video follows the adorable real-life couple as they take in the summer vibes and enjoy their beach time with a group of friends, including iEvents and GFF’s very own Amr Mansi. As for the song itself, as usual, it has Diab’s signature sign all over it. The lovey-dovey lyrics and catchy beat make you want to drop everything and dance all night long. Amaken El Sahar was written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Aziz El Shafei, arranged by Ossama El Hendi, and directed by Ahmed El Naggar.

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On a different note, after what was seemingly a long hiatus from events due to COVID-19, Diab is also back with a mini-concert. According to Al Masry Al Youm, his first live performance of the year will be held on the 28th of August in Sahel’s New Alamein. Safety precautions are expected to be taken; it will be an invite-only concert!

Last week Netflix confirmed its upcoming collaboration with the star who’ll be back on screen with a brand new series.

Back off, kids! It’s El Hadaba’s time to shine as always!