Over the weekend, Egyptian rapper Shahyn dropped a new song, titled Eed Hoon, after teasing us for two weeks. The song quickly garnered more than 240,000 views on YouTube, landing the 11th spot on the streaming platform’s trending list.

Once again, Shahyn criticises the music scene, tackling the lack of originality of some artists and how poisonous stardom can become. “Let them talk, this was all a demo,” the rapper sang, insisting on staying authentic and true to himself.

Eed Hoon is written by Shahyn, and produced by Baخ and L-5VAV.

Ahmed Shahin, AKA Shahyn, has been serenading us with his music since 2005, whether as an individual rapper or during his time with Y-Crew. If you haven’t been listening to him for the past 15 years, then you’re definitely missing out! But don’t worry, it’s never too late. We highly recommend you start by listening to Sot Baga3 and El Varanda.