In less than 48 hours, superstar Mohamed Ramadan makes it to YouTube’s trends, AGAIN! This time, Ramadan joined forces with Yousra El Gendy, (the voice of Takh) and released Casanova.

The song is no different from what we’re used to from Ramadan. The catchy beat, the alpha male attitude, and lots of filthy-rich references in the lyrics; it’s all there, we can even visualise a music video for it. So, the idea that Casanova may go viral and become another hit song is not in doubt. The real deal here is how does Ramadan manage to produce all these songs?

Ever since Mo Ramadan discovered his singing career and he’s been showering us with songs whenever possible; which seems closer to ALL THE TIME. On the first day of 2020, he dropped Rayheen Nes-har, which garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube in only one day, topping the trends list. And here we are, less than three weeks later and we have a new song, that’s also trending.

How does he manage or even have the time to get through the whole process of music-making? Ramadan started as an actor, which is his main focus. So, right when the multi-talented artist was working on these two songs, and God knows what else, he was also preparing for his TV series El Brens for the upcoming Ramadan season.

We’re not sure whether we should tell Ramadan to slow down and take a deep breath or keep the catchy songs coming. Either way, he definitely deserves a round of applause for the hard work. Way to go, man!