He’s hands down one of the most prominent and talented music composers in Egypt. Not only because he has his unique style and artistic vision, but also because he’s well known for his breathtaking fusions of eastern and western music. Can you guess who we’re talking about? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Hisham Kharma!

The Egyptian music producer and composer just released a new remix, named Zina, in collaboration with France-based singer, Ouidad.

Zina is originally a 2011 song by the Algerian band, Babylone. Ouidad already released a cover of it more than a year ago; that version went viral, and some of her fans even thought that her version was much better than the original.

Kharma’s recent collaboration, Haleq Maa’y, was with rising singer Mirelle Mokhtar, and got almost 4 million views on YouTube. Do you think he’ll beat that with Zina?