Written by Ahmed Essam El-Sayed

Back to the old Sharmoofers we know! As of the 8th of March, several teasers had been released by the band’s official Facebook page showing a strange retro design advertising a kind of tomato sauce. Moreover, on the 14th of March, the page released another teaser in the form of a fake ad for the spicy tomato condiment, with a voiceover from Khaled Mokhtar. At first, everybody was speculating as to what it would be. However, the wait is over, and they have released the music video for their newest song, Sauce El-Macarona, with Egyptian producer Sary Hany.

The song is cheerful, urges you to dance, and we can already hear it playing at parties. After a string of successful songs about relationships in the likes of Single and Hazeena, which many speculated reflected their own personal lives, Sharmoofers are back to their old style where the lyrics really didn’t matter that much, only the music and the rhythm. At least that’s how they started; happy music for happy people. That notion was bluntly shown in one of their earliest songs Ma Fi Kalam, which stated that they couldn’t find the lyrics for the tune, and they only had a lovely melody in their heads and wanted to get it out to the world.

The video is incredibly stylistic and filled to the brim with retro Asian imagery. With king fu, an old video game, and an Asian temple at the centre of it all, the music video brings back joyful memories of old anime and martial arts movies. The incredible art direction is by Karim Yousry, and eye-popping cinematography by Omar Abo-Doma, also known for his work as cinematographer on the newly released film, Curfew. Helping the music video as a director is none other than Sharmoofers lead singer, Ahmed “Bob” Bahaa.

If, as speculated, Sharmoofers’ songs are any indication of their personal lives, then going back to their groovy fun-filled roots would really mean that they’re doing okay for the time being. We wish them all the best and thank them for creating another catchy beat for us to have on repeat.