Written by Basma Belal

For all of you who aren’t up to date with what’s going on in the music scene, Sharmoofers just posted a new video with two Japanese actors talking about a tomato sauce brand, and we’re here to figure out what it might mean.

If you don’t already know, Sharmoofers is an Egyptian musical band founded back in 2012 by Ahmed Bahaa (vocals) and Mohamed El Arkan (bass guitar). The duo has a unique brand of comedic reggae and pop-infused rock that they have become popular for over the last four years. You might know them from their hit singles Mesh Far’a, Zombie, and Khalas Hasaytar. Their previous two singles were released towards the end of last year. In September came the song, Single, and in December, Hazina, which is why fans were quick to speculate about what their new teaser, which they released yesterday on their official Facebook page, is all about.

First of all, the video’s title translates from Japanese as ‘tomato sauce’, and then features two chefs discussing how to make pasta with said tomato sauce.

Now let’s narrow it down to our first and obvious guess, which is a new song! It makes sense to us that they would write a song about ‘tomato sauce’ since it goes well with their comedic reggae aesthetic. Going along with the option of being a new song, it could be a metaphorical song about how ‘tomato sauce’ makes you strong since one of the actors did say “Kutatong makes you strong!” towards the end. Or maybe they were just… hungry?

Another guess would be that it might feature Japanese singers because there has been a rise in the Japanese community due to the cooperation between Japan and Egypt in many development projects like energy, transportation, health, and education, according to Egypt Today.

Now to drift away from the musical aspect behind the video, it could be that they might be releasing a new line of tomato sauce! Which to us sounds bizarre, but anything is possible with Sharmoofers - expect the unexpected.

Our final guess would be that they might be performing at a food festival that features Japanese food, or tomato sauce in particular, but the chances of that being correct are very low. If we are right, you heard it here first!