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We grew up learning in geography classes that Egypt’s weather is hot and dry in summer and rainy, yet warm, in winter. However, as we grew older and time passed, climate change stuck its tongue out to us. No one would have ever thought we’d be rocking short sleeves in November.

Last month, Cairo witnessed heavy rainfall for a few days. It was something the capital was not used to and was, therefore, not ready for. We had a couple of aqua park days, but our people met them with arms wide open and sarcasm.

Cairo’s weather these past days was fluctuating in highs of the 30s, but according to Accu Weather, it’s expected to drop gradually throughout the month. But since our weather has become super unexpected, we asked around the city and decided to share with you our findings to know how to dress accordingly.

P.S: The following is not based on weather forecasts, but the shared thoughts by Cairenes living in different neighbourhoods. 

North of Cairo – Heliopolis and Nasr City

According to people living in the north of Cairo, the weather has been very hot during the day, slightly humid, and dusty. We’re not surprised though; Northern Cairo is always packed with traffic jams and angry drivers. No wonder it’s hot and dusty. We feel sorry for those living or working up there since they were also the ones who suffered the most on the rainy days.

East and West of Cairo – New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and 6th of October City

During the day, it’s sunny but with high chances of mood swings. So, if you’re up for brunch, go for it. On the other hand, in the evening, it gets so windy in these areas. They’re basically highway roads in the middle of the desert, so… bring a jacket.

South of Cairo – Maadi

Those lucky people of Maadi get to enjoy warm, sunny weather all day and during the evening, you can still wear your short sleeves as you wish. Sometimes it gets breezy in the night, but it’s bearable. A light cardigan will do for those who get cold easily. We’d have to say it’s the perfect time to head to Wadi Degla Protectorate for a BBQ party with your friends.

If you live in other neighbourhoods that we missed, make sure to drop a comment and let us know how is it over there!