Featured image via 6 October City

If we'd have to choose two words to describe Egyptians, we'd definitely go for "creative" and "funny". We're simply masters at solving our problems with impressive creativity and innovation, and when it comes to harder times, we greet them with a big fat smile and a joke. In times of crisis, people around the world would normally snap or panic, but not Egyptians. We, ladies and gentleman, make memes instead!

Yesterday, Cairo witnessed heavy rainfall, something the dry city is not used to, and unfortunately, wasn't prepared for. Sewers got blocked, and therefore, the main roads got blocked too. We wouldn't be exaggerating if we said that the entire city was stuck on the Ring Road and Salah Salem for hours after work. Yet again, Egyptians didn't fail at entertaining themselves, whether while they were stuck in traffic with innovative solutions or with memes that soon followed on social media.

Here are some of our favourite highlights that will surely make you laugh your heads off. 

It all started with only two types of people.

Some hoped it would soon end.

While some made friends on their way back home.

Others managed to entertain themselves.

And entertainment took different forms.

Some people sought boujee entertainment instead.

Meanwhile, others were thinking business.



And then there were those who were already making memes about the Lebanese protests.



And in light of another water crisis, humour also found its way.


On the other hand, some people only thought about going back home.


Those people would have done anything to go home.


And then there were the Salah Salem memes.

They even made voice notes!

And this guy broke the internet. On a side note: does anyone know what happened next?

Did they join him?

Anyway, Egyptians weren't the only ones having fun. Tourists arriving at the airpot rowed their luggage.

And speaking of travelling...

And of course, Alexandrians had to whine since rain was "their thing".



But eventually it rained in Alexandria and they started bragging about it again. 


And after a long, exhausting day of commuting, schools and universities took today off. But this only made the workforce jealous.

But at the end of the day, it's fun being an Egyptian.